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Dream Parallax -- Story Idea


Niko Linni
Well, I know you're not supposed to really advertise your works here, but seeing as I'm rebooting this and asking what people would think of it, I'm not quite sure if I'd post it in the "Looking for Writers?" thread or just make a new one. If I did things wrong, please let me know.

Anyways, if you've looked me up in the "Looking for Writers?" thread you'll notice I ad two stories: Perri Rhoades' web serial Spectral Shadows, and my own would-be serial, The Dream Parallax. As mentioned I am doing a reboot on the series but, I'm wondering what people think about it, and perhaps see if I can get this thing back to its original concept.

Originally, The Dream Parallax (Which will be referenced from this point on as TDP) was what I termed a "Massive Character Story" (An "MCS" as the Livejournal page describes it) that serves as a crossover on the levels of any massive crossover like NamcoxCapcom, the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, The King of Fighters, and so on (I don't know much animes or shows where entire casts of characters crossover with each other, so I just used some video game examples). The idea was to bring together a lot of different furries and their characters for some big story where the forces of light and dark collide in a battle over reality. But of course, there'd be more to this than "Dark is baddies" and "Light is goodies", if characters I have planned like Lucien and The Black Swan are anything to go off of.

Unfortunately, the only characters I were able to get permission to use were Rhoades' characters from Spectral Shadows, specifically the cast as seen in Serial 11: The Planet of Genetic Misadventure (She's okay with me using characters from any serial, however I chose to focus on chars from that serial). So what ended up happening is I ended up making up other worlds, and then the idea of alternate realities ended up happening...and yes, this was BEFORE Bioshock Infinite was released and I played it and read the plot for it. So the idea moved on from an MCS to focusing on alternate realities with my characters and the SS cast. Which actually is quite fun to do: I had concepts that were reasonable, such as doing an alternate reality of SS' Serial 2: The Aslanders where my characters were also in The Aslander School of Magic to doing an alternate reality that was in a Fantasy world with magic-tech where my cast and the SS cast from S11 existed in the same world, except on different continents; some of them got really out there though: one idea was having all the characters actually be characters in some sort of online MMO (Probably an FPS so I can poke fun at Call of Duty, Battlefield, heck I'll even parody StarWars Battle Front), with humans playing these characters, and one really out there idea was set in a huge theme park ala Disney World where each park was equal to one world (so my characters would work at one park, Perri's characters in another and so on) and the main cast were workers or regulars at the park.

But yeah, I'm wondering, would anyone be interested in a story like this? And if so, would anyone be willing to take a chance with me on having their characters featured in a story like this?