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I keep having nightmares about The Human Centipede movies. They're really fucking dark.

The worst: I was in a prefabricated building in the middle of a forest and an evil woman who resembled Madame Kovarian from Doctor Who was gleefully experimenting on children. She was stitching them together while laughing at their pain and fear. Farting sounds came from the mangled body of a child and she took malicious joy in humiliating it, saying "You'll enjoy being a stomach!"

I woke up crying. And I had a similar dream last night.

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There was a lot going on in my head last night.

I have a habit of taking out my earplugs while I sleep. And as I dreamt I would take a big, happy bite out of some wonderful looking deep-fried chicken, I actually bit into the earplug I was holding.
I would be so mad if was ripped off of a chicken

the sleepiest kitty

There was a lot going on in my head last night.

I have a habit of taking out my earplugs while I sleep. And as I dreamt I would take a big, happy bite out of some wonderful looking deep-fried chicken, I actually bit into the earplug I was holding.
I take out my earplugs while I sleep too

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My dreams are mostly made up of really weird and dull recollections of traumatic memories I have through out my life. (Well nothing here of course but I can have normal dreams from time to time.)

the sleepiest kitty

My dreams are mostly made up of really weird and dull recollections of traumatic memories I have through out my life. (Well nothing here of course but I can have normal dreams from time to time.)
Ooof I hate those. Sorry to hear that. :(

I get dreams where I re live my trauma from many years back. Most of them are about being yelled at and being manipulated, sometimes they involve someone doing a power trip on me (like a certain family member used to do)


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I had a dream where me and a team of four people had to find four black orbs in a multi-colored office building built like a maze.
...interpret that as you will.


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My most recent dream was pretty disturbing for me.

I was in a game of black ops 3 zombies. As in I was actually there in character, shooting stuff. It was fun until Takeo ran off with a whole horde of zombies and I knew that was my queue to go and complete the map's easter eggs. We were in some sort of deep forest. Just trees abound but I took a dirt path and followed it to some ruins. Along the way I passed by a dead zombie slumped against a tree. I didn't think of it much until I entered the ruins and turned around to see the same zombie, wearing some blue overalls walking in. I didn't have my guns so I started to smack it with my fists until it got down. I then straddled the zombie and started smacking the back of it's head, around the base of the head repeatedly. Of course, the zombie had to start screaming the name "Linda" Increasing in volume as I smacked harder and harder to try and kill it. When it's head did finally pop away from it's spine, I felt that crack and the dislocation. A very realistic and visceral jolt as the zombie wasn't moving anymore and I had to take a moment to recollect myself before getting up and running from the scene. That's when I woke up.

Take that dream however you want. I know zero people named linda and even though I usually ascribe dreams to some deeper meaning, with this one, I would rather not.


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Had a dream that I met my favourite singer and was convinced it was real for like, a few seconds. Very cliché, I know. :rolleyes:


Cup O' Depresso
I just had a dream. I was back in hawaii and I was doing some breath training by the ocean and seeing how deep I could dive below the water. I decided to go as deep as I could. I went deeper than anyone else. I went past the point of no return. I knew I couldn't make it up in time before I drowned but I kept diving deeper and deeper as the light of the sun began to fade and I passed sunken ships and skeletons. I felt welcomed as my vision became blurry. Then I woke up.


I had a semi lucid dream that I was (crippled) Mason Verger from Hannibal (the movie, not the series.) I kept trying to wake myself up before I got fed to the boars.

Why are my dreams so fucking dark?

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My last sleep cycle this morning ended with a dream of being able to change my appearance at will (like a character in a game) while ripping and tearing on Mars, Doom 3-style. Ended up with kemonomimi features. The setting transitioned, or perhaps deteriorated, into something like an arcade, mall, or amusement park laser tag arena, with glowing tubes in the floor which are "rides" leading to other worlds (simulations of them, at least). These were inoperable at the time; an employee aporoached me saying it was time to go home, at which point I awoke.


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I had a really cool dream last night. I had the ability to put time in fast-forward and see into the future. At first I could see clouds moving across the sky in a few moments. Then it sped up more, each day took less than a second now but the rapid day/night blinking was painful to watch and made my head hurt so I increased speed until day and night blended together and the lighting looked stable. I could now see plants growing.

As time sped up even more and centuries were now passing every second even trees became too fast to see. Forests were like green foam sloshing around, advancing and retreating constantly. Eventually vegetation became almost transparet and I just saw the bedrock eroding and taking new shapes. I thought to myself "might as well watch all the way" and zoomed faster and faster into the future.

At some point there was a continental rift nearby and I saw volcanoes and stuff. Finally everything disappeared into fog and I realized the oceans were boiling off due to the expanding Sun and filling the atmosphere with water vapour. Then I woke up.


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I dreamt that my phone screen was cracked. Not very spectacular, but I was sad about it. And in the morning I thought my phone screen was actually cracked. Until I looked at it in detail, and it wasn't cracked :D So then I was relieved it wasn't broken. lol


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Back with another dream I had.

This one started out with myself and a few people going shopping. When we arrived back at the house, we started cooking. After we ate, 3 of us went to Church while 1 stayed behind...
I remember the one staying behind saying: "You go do your thing, I got to Zoom a few people about a trip"

The scene then skipped ahead to a different house and I remember my character saying "Remember the projector we had a while back? Well I got something to show you." .

My friend (Who didn't go to Church) started up the Projector and aimed it at the archway. My character said something like "You going to show us your trip?" to which my friend responded with "Even better"

The projector booted up various normal images of my friend and a few of his until the very last image was shown. It was a slight delay after viewing all of the normal photos.. Then the last photo came on screen....

The photo was a ski lodge and outside were the same people from the normal photos but this time all 4 of them were in Fursuits.

[From left to right: Otter, Fox, Tiger and my friend was a Wolf]. The photo wasn't quite normal either, as it had distorted looking trees and the sky was seafoam green.

The friend then said "Told ya"...After that, I woke up to a random howl noise lol

Thing about this dream is... That friend in that dream isn't a furry irl and they don't know I am either and that group of people in that dream I seen before but don't really know except for that friend.

There was a part of that dream I don't recall which was a scene where 3 of us were in the Church and details about the Shopping are missing too. That photo and the dialog betwixt us stood out the most for some reason lol xD

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me this morning

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I'm in a strange dark house with some old ladies I've never seen before. A scary aura descends upon the place signaling a transition to nightmare mode, and then I encounter some kind of bald serial killer with wide, crazed eyes and unspecified supernatural powers. He drags the grannies into the bedroom, strips them naked, and then unleashed a bowl of flesh-eating Otomatones on them. Sitting shirtless on the bed, he says something about us either merging or switching bodies.
Cut to daytime. I'm driving in my car with a katana on the passenger seat. Drive by the same house to find the same guy standing by the mailbox like nothing had happened. Swerve off of the road and unsheathe the sword, then jump out. Utter some gibberish like "The ritual must be completed!" and slice the guy's neck to the spine.


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I once had this very surreal, vivid dream that I was stuck in a house with a couple other people, we were all going about our day and we had lived in a mountain valley. Lo and behold, said mountain was volcanic and erupted, and I felt the very real pain of being burned and boiled alive.
I had a 3rd person experience where each person who passed, I'd witness their death somehow. Trapped in a flooded basement while lava is slowly consuming the home, being pelted by a pyroclastic flow, or a chunk of hot rock, or even just having a panic attack leading into death.
Everything was so surreal and vivid, and I NEVER want to experience that again.

Now I keep a dreamcatcher above my bed; with the belief that it'll prevent nightmares.

It does it's job when it needs to.