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The Arrow Stomper
So do you all dream regularly?
Sure I do, every night like everyone else does. I may not remember it though :p Hardly ever anymore actually.

do you dream as your fursona, or as yourself?
It's hard to tell because 95% of the time it's always a first person view. Though flying usually is a hint that I'm not my usual human self :)

Do you find any significance to your dreams?
Sometimes there can be. It really depends on the dream though and how much I can remember if I can piece together anything significant out of it. I get DejaVu quite often though if that means anything *shrugs*

Do you feel pain in your dreams?
This has to be one of the worst aspects about my dreams...I feel every little bit of pain ranging from a little scrape to getting eaten alive by raptors (had this dream a few times...NOT fun at all) to being shot by a gun or anything else really. The worst ones though are when I wake up from a dream and I can't move my body. I become paralyzed in place and the more I struggle and try to move the more it hurts. Eventually I manage to break free with a huge surge of pain in whatever area happened to be bound down by the dream and can move freely again. I haven't had anything like that in a long time though, thankfully...Those are the worst.


Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs!
My dream last night was pretty fucked up. The setting was like Nova Prospekt in Half Life 2. Broken down, quiet, stripped down of everything. I was strapped down to a table and tortured. They wanted the 'information', but I didn't know what they were talking about. 'If you tell us the information, this can all be ended right now.' This continued for a little longer until they said 'He doesn't have the information, he is of no use to us.' They then brought out this sleek black box, about the size of a coffin. They put me in and shut the top. I then saw a bright light and my alarm clock rang because it was time to get off.

Pretty bad since it seemed so real. I remember it like it actually happened. >_<
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bang your head.
last night I had the dream I was the caveman from the geico commercial

I dream almost every night
I usually dream as my fursona
and no


Chargin' lazor, brb
I once had this crazy-arse dream where someone in a suit was smacking me with a feather and I almost died. I woke up after throwing broken glass in his face and watching him cry.

... To this day, I find no logic in it at all.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
I dream of my characters/fursonas growing fitter and fitter by the day.


Left in a cab...
So do you all dream regularly?
Not usually. Perhaps after a stressful week.

do you dream as your fursona, or as yourself?
Myself. Only once have I dreamed a furry dream. I woke up with tight pants.

Do you find any significance to your dreams?
They're usually combined elements of my past few days.


Under the sea, near heat vents


I recently had a dream about multicolored tarantulas of all different sizes outside the gate to my driveway. I had to put them into a bin bag, while they jumped onto my back and tried to bite me.

1) I dream constantly, as does the rest of the human race, but I only remember them on a weekly basis.

2)I've dreamt inside my own furry universes, with furry characters, but as of yet I don't have a fursona.

3)most of my dreams are unrelated to any past incidents, so far as I can tell. The are normally reflective of my mood and peace of mind though.


Just a thread where you can write your dreams for others to read, and discuss dreams...

and no, not your goals, like, "I WANT TO BE AN ARTIST WHEN I GROW UP YAY!"

no, not those. Save those for career day at school, mmkay?
DREAM DREAMS. So do you all dream regularly?
do you dream as your fursona, or as yourself?
Do you find any significance to your dreams?

As werid as this many sound, I dream of living my life in my fursona's paws. Waking up everyday, with my fur, and body totally different, and going to work that way. Others are in a anthropomorphic body too, but seem unhappy. But, in my dreams, I am like the only one happy being me and what I am. But when I wake up, it felt so real....I am disappointed I don't have my fur on :( But then remember, that It was a dream....

weird no? Hmm..alas, I really do wish...that I had fur instead of skin...my warm, soft fur.