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Drinking Games



List your favourite party drinking games and explain the rules.

Me and my friends enjoy playing a game called Name the celebrity which requires you to have half a brain and surprisingly gets you really wasted. The rules are simple:

1) The first person must start the game by saying the full name of a celebrity or famous fictional character e.g. Leonardo Dicaprio

2) In clockwork order, the next person must start to drink until the think of a celebrity with the same first letter of the previous surname of the last celebrity e.g. Leonardo Dicaprio, David Beckham, Bill Murray, etc.

3) If the next player names a celebrity or famous fictional character with both initials starting with the same letters, the game reverses into anti-clockwise e.g. Mike Myers

4) If the next player says another name with the same double lettered initials, the game goes back to clockwise e.g. Mike Myers, Marilyn Manson

5) If you think a player has made up a name, you can call their bluff. If the person admits the name is made up, they must finish their beer in one go. However, if their celebrity turns out to be real, the accuser must finish their beer in one go.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
My favourite is red light Roxanne. Can be played with 2 people, or more.

Each person decides to call red light or roxanne. And then you play the song Roxanne by The Police.

Whenever the word Roxanne is sung, everyone who called Roxanne has to drink. And whenever the words red light are sung, everyone who called red light has to drink.

And everyone has to waterfall through the whole chorus.

My friend and I are gonna experiment with another one though that I suggested last night - we are gonna browse the 50/50 board on Reddit and take a guess as to the outcome. If the person is right, they are safe, but if they are wrong, they drink.


Bomb Rider
My favorite one is called comrade drinking

1) Pick a friend who knows by heart the soviet anthem
2) Give him a wearble piece of communist memorabillia (we use a Viet Cong cap)
3) Give him a bottle of Vodka and lay a few in front of him
4) He has to chug on the bottles while singing the anthem, until the end or until he forgets the lyrics

The other one I like is the B-29 bomb raid:

1)Prepare a dozen of glasses of American whisky (simple or double; We use Jack.D.) or a few bottles if you don't have enough glasses
2)One of the players takes a small mount of small objects (toothpicks, peas, coins...), a number that is comprised between 1 and the number of glasses you have on the table, and hides them within his hands
3)The other player has to guess how many objects he has in his hands (the "bombers") for each wrong answer he has to chug a whole glass at once, or take a big chug from a bottle
4)If the one being "bombed" guesses right then the "bomber" has to drink all the remaining alcohol
5)If not well... the "bombed" one will get pissed drunk really quickly

PS: both of those games can also be played in multiplayer: in the first one everyone passes the cap and the bottle whilst singing, and in the second one there are two teams.


hai guiz wuts goin on in hur
Cards against humanity drinking. You drink every time you win a black card. In a way, it gets harder to win the more black cards you get.