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Drinks anyone?

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
I drink rum straight up and cold beer.You'll find this hard to believe but im somewhat resistant to drugs and alcohol.So Its hard for me to get drunk. The doctors told be that I metabolize drugs so fast that I need x4 the normal dosage for it to work. Something to do with my parents genes


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Maybe you've got some redhead in your genetics. Gingers have a natural resistance to narcotics and require higher dosages than everyone else.



SURGE!!!! ;)


I haven't found an answer yet

SURGE!!!! ;)

Dear Christ, where did you get that? Even the dog looks like it's judging you.

Oh, and guilty pleasure: birch beer. Good stuff.


Surge is making a comeback! You can order it on amazon when it's in stock. :3 I should bring a butt ton to Anthrocon if I go :D


I like Whiskey. I will drink most of them neat, however I will not drink jack. I am also fairly fond of rums. I usually avoid tequilas and vodkas. The newest type of shot I tried was a clit licker (Tequila Rose and Buttershots).
As for mixed drinks I have a few preferences. Fruity drinks I like include a Hawaiian long island, a gummy bear, a pineapple upside down cake, a gladiator and an Alabama slammer. A few of the drinks I drink just
to get messed up include a black opal, AMF, liquid marijuana, an an Irish trashcan.

As for non-alcoholic drinks I enjoy Chai Tea, soda or energy drink. I am alright with coffee too. I tend to avoid water like the plague, unless I am hungover then it is my hero.


Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young Tier:
iced water

God Tier:
black coffee, whiskeys, spiced rums, the tears of children, light beer

Good Tier:
heavy beer, flavored water, the blood of my enemies

Guilty Amerifat Tier:
homemade southern sweet tea, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Redbull


Thrashing About
I don't drink alcohol. Friends call me the killjoy because of it.

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove fruit blends. Give me my mango and orange-pineapple, dammit.


Milk Bar Regular
White Russian/Caucasian
Irish Carbombs
The Blowjob
Three Wise Men (Goldschlager, Peppermint Schnapps, Jagermeister)
Diamond Dust
Satan Bombs(Rockstar with a double shot of Jager)
Various craft beers/homebrews/imports/I'm probably an alcoholic...

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Whiskey is my poison of choice, plain and simple.
Nonalcoholic fave beverage would be coffee or Earl Grey


Where'd the time go?

Hahaha. Let's see...

Top of the list would be whiskey and Coke/Pepsi. I used to drink it straight but after many a night blacked out under the kitchen table or curled around the toilet, I've since learned to mix it to pace myself. Brandy, bourbon, scotch, all up in this category.
Vodka. Vodka is like my new best friend. Doesn't matter what brand or quality, I see vodka, I get vodka, I regret vodka later on.
Sambuca has a special place in my heart. This is a 'special occasion' drink for me.
Tequila is that asshole ex that I hate but I keep coming back to just for one more night. (I love tequila sunrises.)
Jägermeister is my goto "Fuck everything, I want to swim in regrets tomorrow." kind of drink.
I don't drink beer, so pretty much anything I do drink is all in the hard liquor category. Very rarely I will have a glass of wine, usually only at family parties or if we go out to dinner somewhere fancy.
I'm not really a rum fan, now that I think on it. It's just not something I usually go for.

The nice thing is that I'm a little people, so it doesn't take too much alcohol to get me where I want to go.
But back when I was a heavy drinker, I would have to really upend the bottle, since I'd built up such a tolerance. Now I can enjoy myself with smaller amounts of alcohol. C:

@ElZorroValdez I see your Wise Men and raise you the Four Horsemen. (Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jameson and Jose Cuervo - there are obviously other combinations but this seems to be the one I always get)


Water. I almost always have a pitcher in the fridge and have to refill it often.
I like fruit juice.
Root beer. qq
Smoothies. Fffff I love smoothies. But I don't drink them as often as I used to.


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I love Cuba Libres more than any other drink, I also like a good Pécharmant or Côtes-du-Rhône every once in while. I also like me a good Poor Man's Black Velvet when I go to a pub with friends.

... Okay now I sound like an absolute wino. But hey I love peach syrup too! That fixes it right?


I'm SeckZ and Frii
European Beers thank you, made from barley and wheat.

Green and Black Tea.

Red Wine for meals and social.

Water for work and sport and hydration.


Chocolate milk. <3


I usually drink water. As far as tea goes: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Irish breakfast (still trying to switch to loose leaf).


List of my favorite drinks;

Vodka either shot for shot or straight from the bottle

Peppermint schnaps

Malibu Cocont Rum

Smirnoff Original Malt drinks 12 ozs

Jaggermeister bombs aka jagger and monster.

And finally Sour apple puckers. :3


When I was in high school I use to drink this TERRIBLE concoction of UV blue and orange juice. We use to call it the TMNT because It turns a freakish shade of green.

Also... Apple pie shots. Apple pie moonshine is so good. I drank an entire mason jar's worth last summer at my best friend's wedding. At least I ended up in a lawn chair by the fire... eventually. Hahaha


I don't drink tea, I don't drink coffee, I don't drink carbonated drinks, only pure water (sometimes with few slices of lemon), dry red wine and isotonics.

For company:
light white or rose wine, beer (most preferably craft beers), cider, lemonade (water + lemon juice, none of those fancy shop things)

For taste:
Whisky + milk + baileys
Wine + orange syrup + tabasco
Rum + lemon juice + cane sugar + soda water
Unicum and cola
Brandy with coffee. Yes, good old brandy with coffee is the thing.
And liqueurs, advocaat being my favourite.

I drink rum straight up and cold beer.You'll find this hard to believe but im somewhat resistant to drugs and alcohol.So Its hard for me to get drunk. The doctors told be that I metabolize drugs so fast that I need x4 the normal dosage for it to work. Something to do with my parents genes

Ok. Let's dance: yours innate durability versus my slavic mixed polish, russian and ukrainian blood.
We take bets from 5 dollars.

Also I confess, that I don't like hard liquors. I prefer taste over the alcohol content. Althought when I was younger... Erm...
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i will drink anything that's 80p or better! the ones i drink the most are gin,whiskey,vodka,rum, and brandy. mixed or chased with juice or soda. fire ball shots are good! i like mead, and mad dog! you cant actually call mad dog wine lol strawberry banana is my favorite flavor! rum chotta is good but to sweet.

other than alcohol i drink diet Pepsi,coffee,water, or milk! i could drink a gallon of milk a day! chocolate milk is awesome as hell as long as its 2%