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Driving/Moving out of state


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...or from one country to another or city to another for Non-US folks

So yeah...seems I may do some of that in the future and I never have. Seems weird to drive across the country...and harder and weirder still to move stuff from a larger distance than just from somewhere close by to another.

Anyone done any state cross driving? Is it hard or pretty straightforward? That and changing locations, have you done any significant distance move?


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My biggest move was a little over 1000 miles (all within the US). I thought packing/unpacking was way harder then the drive, but maybe that's just me. The most difficult aspect of the drive was probably adjusting to from freeways to cities and vice versa.

Also, it's much nicer if you have someone to help you. It's nice having someone to take over driving if you get burned out.


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I've driven from coast to coast of the united states alone multiple times. Its no big deal. If you're using paper maps to navigate I recommend paying attention to the little mileage markers most states have by the side of roads to show which exit numbers to look forward to and let you know when you're almost out of one state and entering another. I'd also recommend investing in some books on tape. They make the time go by so much faster.

Also, if you're feeling tired, do everyone a favor n pull over somewhere to sleep a few hours. Pretty standard stuff really.


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Going to Ontario only takes a few hours and is without trouble; there is little to tell about it


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I have always lived in the Greater Cleveland area, so I do not know much about long distance moving. However, I cannot imagine it being much harder than a roadtrip. Also, you should move to northeast Ohio. I live in Mentor, a fairly liberal suburban city.


I was never an adult when I moved states, but the drives are long and stressful, even if you move by bus, and choosing what to take and leave behind sucks too. I had to say goodbye to many things I loved because of limited space (moving by bus or sports car) but you most likely won't have that issue.
I drove between Texas and Michigan frequently, and just brought what I could fit in my car. Mostly alone, surfing radio waves when I came upon civilization. A combination of good fuel economy, not much appetite, and bladder of steel made long trips easy.


Driving cross country is easy. Before you leave make sure your vehicle is in good condition and has been serviced. It also helps to have some cash handy just in case. Also you can save money by bringing a cooler with sandwich stuff and water. And check in with someone from time to time.

Make sure you go over your route before you leave so you have a pretty good idea of what you're doing.

Long distance moving? It's different if you're moving someplace new or in with someone.


I moved countries three times and locally a couple more. Ot isn't that bad, just get a GPS and book your motels ahead of time. I recommend the roadside ones because they're inexpensive. (Super 8 is good - no bad experience so far) I like packing because I can reorganise my stuff and donate what I don't need anymore. I know a couple people who've had friends drive with them there and then fly back home, so that's an option if you're nervous. ^^