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Dubs or subs?


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I try to watch everything in its original language. Doesn't matter if it's a french movie, or an animated Japanese feature. This is because (usually) the original will have the steady hand of a director guiding the actors, so the delivery will always be the way they envisioned (which usually brings out the best in actors). Many dubs don't have this luxury, and have rather poor direction, leading to flat, stifled delivery.

On top of this you also have the issue of talent when it comes to dub voice actors. There's tons of great voice actors out there who get paid a boat load... most of them aren't doing dubbing, they're performing in original shows which have a healthy amount of funding. There's another issue, funding. Dubs don't get much of a budget, so they usually stick to the same talent pool. This is more of an anime issue, but you'll find a lot of VA's re-appearing in dubs of anime for this reason. They can only really afford to play it safe, so you get the same actors again and again. Whereas (again, for anime) the Japanese VA industry is booming, and they're paid like celebrities (because that's how the public see them).

There's a lot of reasons why dubs aren't really an ideal situation. Not to say dubs can't be good, they can, but they need money, and time, two things the industry doesn't have in spades, so it's safer to stick to the OG.

Though if you enjoy dubs, more power to you! :D
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I don't care how good or bad voice acting is in a show to be honest.
I usually prefer sub because they usually have more episodes released in a show than a dub, and I also have subtitles on anything anyway because I can read better than I can listen.
Some anime I watched as a kid like Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z would have to be in dub though due to nostalgia.


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Sub, all the way. I just feel like keeping the show in its original language keeps the experience more raw and authentic.
But if I'm drawing: Dub, obviously. If I find myself liking the dub of that series, I'll stick with that dub. Happened with Saiki K.


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Subs for anime because english VA's tend to be annoying in my opinion. It's probably due to the fact that they are trying to do as little editing as possible and stretch things out but I still can't put up with it.

Dubs for foreign films is fine with me.

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Can you watch a sub without looking at a screen? No? Well enough said

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I favor both.

The Subs, you can hear original voices and get the atmosphere close to 100%. The downside is that when the translator messes up. Even if I can't hear what they say, sometimes it gives me the feeling that the subtitles are typing Andromedan.

The Dubs, on the other hand, of course you can hear the whole stuff on certain language you prefer. The downside is when the company hires the wrong men on certain characters. In this case, I usually end up discovering the atmosphere I got from the Dubs wasn't the original when I find out the original later.

Both are good with downsides, it's all up to who brings it to the viewers.

But according to personal experience... Dubs I saw were pretty much screwed up, especially those made before... maybe 2010s. The background musics and sound effects are ducked or even muted when they speak, and/or the voice actor has no soul in acting certain characters.

Oh and subs at those old times are screwed up too! They usually pop out at the wrong moment (too early or too late), same texts staying for ages until the next speech is heard, or even those looong texts ruining the focus and expectations. (like mentioned already by others)
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Honestly, Subs. I was never a much a fan of dubs until much later on but by that point, I had grown so used to it.
That an also sometimes the dub voices would just seem so off to me, personally.

Unless we are talking about hilarious dubs like The Ghost Stories Anime.
An anime where they gave the person handling the dub absolutely no restrictions! Some of the jokes can be a bit insensitive but I generally found it hilarious!


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The correct answer is to watch everything at least twice, once dubbed, once subbed.

But seriously, I feel that there are good dubbings -- I like most all of the Funimation dubbing I've seen, many are some of my favorite anime. (I actually lived down the road from the Funimation HQ where they do the dubbing. Never did get to go there, though... *regrets*
I've also experienced wretched dubbing that made me wonder what the people in charge were thinking.

Generally though, I watch subbed. Actually, I have subs on my English shows, too. I read quickly so it's just become second nature. But I absolutely love the Japanese language and make my small attempts to learn it.

All that being said, I've never watched subbed anime and gone "Wow, that sounds really mismatched and awful."