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Dumbest reasons for getting blocked

Alison Savros

What is the stupidest reason you've ever gotten blocked by someone for? (Please, do not mention usernames as this is not meant to be a call-out thread.)
For me, it has to be asking a question to someone who was dealing with personal drama. I mean, was it necessary? This person not only blocked me on DeviantArt, but everywhere else as well.

Deleted member 82554

For not liking spiders. No, I'm not kidding.

Another reason is, well, not knowing why someone blocked you in the first place. There are people I've never communicated with once whatsoever and have still been blocked by them.

Another reason is when someone blocks you because you might have upset their friend or some idiotic crap like that.


Taking too long to go through my inventory in a game I was playing with someone. For like 3 hours after he initially disappeared without a word I thought his internet had just disconnected, then when he didn't come back I checked and it turned out I was blocked... I had even told him he could play without me while I figured out what I was trying to do, but he insisted upon waiting. I have a hard time believing it was honestly just me taking so long, but... I can't honestly think of any reason he could have blocked me. We were having fun and he seemed genuinely happy we were playing together - he said so verbally and actions seemed to say so too up until that point.


For getting blocked - Pointing out the stupidity of bashing furs for bad apples causing drama.

Blocking others - Getting told my opinion on something is void because the truth hurted there feelings. Doing that not gonna change that i believe that a ER4S/B is better deal at £299 than a HD800 at £1100 which needed EQ to sound great???.


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Someone once blocked me because I stopped talking to them. Took ages to find out because... well, because I didn't try talking to them. I don't know what it was supposed to achieve.


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Someone once blocked me because I stopped talking to them. Took ages to find out because... well, because I didn't try talking to them. I don't know what it was supposed to achieve.
How did you discover that you were blocked?


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How did you discover that you were blocked?
It was on DA. A couple weeks/months later they changed the site so that you couldn't view the profile of someone who blocked you, and I found out when I saw them post and clicked to see if they'd done anything new* lately. Thinking back, after I'd stopped responding they'd gone off on a tangent at some point about people not replying to them as promptly as they liked, and how they'd keep track of how long someone took and delay by the same length of time when they next replied. I figure that's probably when they did it. Making thinly veiled references to other people was pretty common with them but at the time the site would only have told me I was blocked if I tried to reply, so I didn't make the connection.

*more aptly, whether they'd started any hilarious fights.

Jackpot Raccuki

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For being better than my friend despite the fact we were on the same team in versus on l4d2.

Not my fault he can't skeet a hunter so he gets 25dmg pounced. : )


Sometimes people have blocked me on DeviantArt simply for having a different opinion, but had no qualms about posting their opinion first without giving me a chance to say anything.

I've never understood the ones who think that okay?. Like when i stopped using Reddit because you'd get -4 to -100 for the dumbest reasons while having the audacity to cry when the same happens to them.


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I was bitched out by a user (who shall remain nameless) on Discord for blocking them here. I couldn't recall blocking them so I checked. Nope, I wasn't blocking them. It turns out they were blocking me and forgot why. :confused:

I wasn't offended. I found the whole thing hilarious. :p They unblocked me and we're on good terms now. :D


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Because I shipped two adopted siblings unrelated by blood


Once on DeviantArt a closed species owner got mad at a person because this person sent a note to them showing some test drawings he did of their closed species, because this CS owner was looking for volunteer artists. They got mad at this guy because he "drew their species without permission" (despite he only ever sent the drawings as a note to the owner . . .) and this person made a giant post about it on DA and even said they would take away the guy's character that he owned of their species. I left a comment saying that he did not impose on any copyrights and that you cannot copyright an idea. Of course this closed species owner blocked me, but this isn't even the stupid block - a completely UNRELATED user, who was also a popular closed species owner, blocked me! And it was someone I watched in the past too.

Hence another big reason why I dislike closed species and closed species owners. :rolleyes: