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(Base/YCH) Selling: Dunwich-inspired YCH [25+usd]

It's been a while since I wanted to do this.
Lovecraft-inspired (I am a huge Dunwich Horror lover) YCH. Serving two slots this day. We need to raise 150 asap.

click on the image to go to FA bidding page

○ all and every species are welcome (including humans)
○ all an every genders/sexes are welcome
○ you can choose clothes adjustments if you dislike fisherman outfit
○ for less than 40USD you'll get a detailed lineart and flat colours
○ for 45 to 80USD you'll get a cell-shaded image (basically what you see here, slightly more detailed)
○ for 80USD and more you'll get fully textured, radiant-shaded image