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Dusty and his son, Asher Briggs


It's Spooky Month!
Hiya! So, I don't think I've made a thread quite like this before, but I figured this would be the perfect place to talk more about my fursona Dusty Briggs and a new character I designed that's his son.

I'm by no means a writer, but without further ado, let me explain Dusty's backstory:


He was a human police officer before fate brought him to come face to face with a chiropteran (bat) beast. He shot it with his gun, only to have the curse from said beast transfer over to him after its death.

No one was there to witness the curse take hold and transform him. Backup came too late after hearing his screams of agonizing pain from his walkie talkie. All they saw when they finally arrived was a beast among the officer's tattered clothing, with a naked man on the ground, deceased from a gunshot wound a few feet away

They all stared at this new beast with horror and anger in their eyes as they started to take fire, but luckily Dusty in his new form managed to dodge their bullets and escape.

Dusty Briggs was considered missing, and after many months of searching with no leads to what happened to his body, the case went cold, and people went on to assume he was dead.

He lives his life now hiding away in sewer systems, abandoned buildings, and caves. He often reflects on the event while swigging on whiskey and puffing on cigars. No one knows he is in fact alive, and no one would listen if he tried to tell them. He is almost always alone, excluding the occasional rat or cockroach that he talks to when he feels exceptionally lonely before eating them.


(Credit Top: ChillyFish on DA || Credit Bottom: cowboy worm on Discord)

Story continued:


(Art by me. Iris belongs to a friend on Discord)

Dusty met Iris after she explored a noise in the sewer he resides in. Instead of fear like the humans, she felt sympathy towards him.
They fell in love and Iris became pregnant months later. With their relationship in secret, and with no way for Dusty to live a life outside of the sewers, he told Iris to go with Asher far away, so that his son can have a somewhat normal life.

When Asher became a teenager, and with permission and directions from his mother, he sought out to find his father. After at first holding resentment for his father for sending them away, and with Dusty knowing next to nothing about Ashers life, they understood one another after a lot of tribulations and strain. They were finally able to connect and love each other without guilt or grudges. Asher came to respect his dad's decision, and Dusty does everything he can to make up for lost time.

chomby reconnecting bs.png

(Art by FlowerHead on FA || Asher is on the right)

Asher's info so far:

Name: Asher Briggs (has his father's last name)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Vampire bat/calico cat hybrid

I still need to develop him more as a character.


(Art by me)


(Art by Spaztiqe on Twitter)

I hope this didn't make any of you folks cringe too hard. Oof.
This was sort've quickly compiled together. I'm waiting on more pieces I commissioned of Asher that I'll be posting in this thread later. I hope some of you found this interesting!

Have a nice day. o3o
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It's Spooky Month!
Huzzah! Art done by jarilza125 on Twitter!



It's Spooky Month!
Art by coffee_cat_13 on Twitter! I really like how his face was drawn in this one. uwu



It's Spooky Month!
Art by k8ryoshka on Twitter! They got it done a little over an hour after paying!
Turned out awesome.



It's Spooky Month!
I asked k8ryoshka if I can get a personal t-shirt made of their piece.
I'm waiting for a response!


It's Spooky Month!
I know nobody is paying attention to this thread really, but that's understandable. Lol
I just wanted to say that I'm aging up Asher to age 21 (my age) since I've made him my fursona.
I was just thinking about how it's impossible that his father remained the same age as his son grew up. To resolve this, I remembered his mom had a third eye on her forehead, and so, with monster biology logic, made it to where Asher grew up super fast due to his mom's genes... I guess. I know it's dumb but whatever. Pfft.


It's Spooky Month!
image0 (2) (1).png
image0 (2).png

Like father, like son. Art by JackalynTerrium on DA!