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(Base/YCH) Selling: Dutch Angel Dragons Designs Auction [50-140€]


New Member
Hello, I designed these two dutchies + with approval of one of the Archangels. If you choose to buy one please, check the Dutch Angel Dragon species rules.

For more infos > www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN 2/2] Dutch Angel Dragon Adoptables by DaakuN

-PAYPAL ONLY (fees to your charge), reply to comment to claim ! Can convert Euros to USD without problems
-Serious biding ONLY, do not bid if you can't afford the money, do not edit or delete your comments
-Auction ends 72 hours after the last bid, if a bid has been made the last hour, the auction will run another 1 more hour
-Respect the rules of the Dutch Angel Dragon Species

You can :
-Choose a name (of course)
-Add accessories/clothings
-Use the design the way you want (sona/roleplay etc)
-Makes changes to the design (see the DaD rules because for major changes there's a special rule)
-Sale your design later for lower or equal price (if artworks comes with it, you can of course add the artworks prices with the design)

You can't :
-Claim the design has been made by you
-Violate rules of the Dutch Angel Dragon species

Thanks for your interest.