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E3 To be Cancelled.

Silver R. Wolfe

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Hyenaworks said:
Span_Wolf said:
Not quite..

Entertainment Software Association Announces Evolution of E3Expo for 2007
Monday July 31, 1:46 pm ET

WASHINGTON, D.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 31, 2006--To better address the needs of today's global computer and video game industry, the 2007 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo) is evolving into a more intimate event focused on targeted, personalized meetings and activities, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today.

"The world of interactive entertainment has changed since E3Expo was created 12 years ago. At that time we were focused on establishing the industry and securing orders for the holiday season," said Douglas Lowenstein, President of the ESA, the trade association representing U.S. computer and video game publishers and the owner of E3Expo. "Over the years, it has become clear that we need a more intimate program, including higher quality, more personal dialogue with the worldwide media, developers, retailers and other key industry audiences."

The new E3Expo will take shape over the next several months. As currently envisioned, it will still take place in Los Angeles, described by ESA as a "great and supportive partner helping to build E3." It will focus on press events and small meetings with media, retail, development, and other key sectors. While there will be opportunities for game demonstrations, E3Expo 2007 will not feature the large trade show environment of previous years.

"E3Expo remains an important event for the industry and we want to keep that sense of excitement and interest, ensuring that the human and financial resources crucial to its success can be deployed productively to create an exciting new format to meet the needs of the industry. The new event ensures that there will be an effective and more efficient way for companies to get information to media, consumers, and others," said Lowenstein.

Additionally, the evolution of the video game industry into a vibrant and expanding global market has led to the creation of major events in different regions, such as the Games Convention in Leipzig, the Tokyo Game Show, and company-specific events held by Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and others around the world. As a result, Lowenstein said, "It is no longer necessary or efficient to have a single industry 'mega-show.' By refocusing on a highly-targeted event, we think we can do a better job serving our members and the industry as a whole, and our members are energized about creating this new E3."

Additional details about the new E3Expo event will be forthcoming in the next few months.

As a regular attende I can undestand and as a journalist I can apreciate the sentiment behind this. The show had been turning progressively more into a circus instead of a place where I got work done. While I liked the crazy atmosphere I think I'll enjoy a smaller intimate expo as well.


E3 will become far more expensive to attend and attendance will be limited to "important" members, business partners and large media outlets, especially if they drastically cut down on the demo aspect of the expo.

It won't be more expensive to attend. It will just become restricted to certain parties. Now, retail workers at Gamestop or whatnot will not be getting access to E3 passes.

Having it restricted to only include "important" people is good in my book. If people want to know what's going on, they always have the internet and the developer's blogs.

I would also be happy if they cut down on the demos present at E3. It takes alot of time out of game development to make a stand-alone demo for E3, not to mention alot of money. The change of E3 is all around better, in my opinion. Now E3 is for the industry, gamers can find something else to do if they want.


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According to several people (webcomic artists who enjoy gaming; several gaming mags), E3 was 'cancelled', then revived and changed to the 'E3 Expo'. So now it's the "Electronic Entertainment Expo Expo". Stupid, isn't it? I'm not completely sure if this is true, however.

In related news, it took 537 Febreze bottles to get the stench out of E3 once all the sweaty fanboys had left. Ewww.