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Ease of Multi Accounts


Just some spud
So I have a few different accounts to filter the type of content I upload so as not to offend ppl with the different fetishes I draw. However, managing these accounts is REALLY annoying.

-Logging into separate accounts means I have to go through that LENGTHY VERIFICATION PROCESS!! I hate the one that makes you keep clicking photos till it stops! that can go on FOREVER and half the time, the images are so ambiguous! Does it count as a 'car' if only a tire is shown? Do 'signs' count the stick the sign is on? this is particularly troubling to me, because I host streams every day at 10am and sometimes I don't even bother to notify ppl on my other accounts because it takes so long to log into each one, that those watchers just get left behind x.x

-Can't make too many multiple accounts. I understand why staff doesnt want people creating a billion accounts, but honestly, my babyfur clients HATE when I post vore, my non-babyfur clients FLAME ME when I draw babyfur stuff x.x and my personal art just offends everyone across the board!

Possible solutions:

1. Have multi accounts managed like Gmail or Instagram, where multiple accounts are linked to one main and you can swap between them with a click of a button

2. Easier/Faster verification process

3. Content Filtering:
This has been a suggestion that comes up alllllllllllllllllllll the tiiiiiiiiiiiiime. People want to filter what they see and what they don't see. I wouldn't have to make an account for every 'controversial' fetish if my watchers could simply click a checkbox of what fetishes they don't want to see >,<
I get why some sites dont want content filtering: they want to introduce people to all kinds of art, and don't want any artist's content left behind because ppl filter it out. However, this site's main function isn't necessarily for 'sharing all kinds of art,' but rather, it's a niche site for niche interests for people to find content within their very specific niches. So people who don't like babyfur art, are not being 'introduced to more wonderful art' simply because they can't filter it OUT. All it does is make them leave troll comments like "EW WHAT IS THIS. THIS OFFENDS ME" XD so please. let us filter out content based on fetish category or tagword. Even within specific niches, people are VERY particular. Inflation, people want to know if its popping or not popping. In babyfur ppl want o know if it's clean or wet or messy. In Vore people want to know if its gorey or clean.

So yeah. @w@ thanks for listening.


Angry Lizard King
Not to be rude, but you wouldn't need to use multiple accounts if the site had a tag/kink blacklist system. Honestly, that's the simplest solution, and everyone's asking it.
Don't get why it wasn't a thing to begin with.


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It's kind of a bandaid solution, but one I used for a long time with Tumblr where I have I think three "full" accounts (since only "full" accounts can follow/like/etc): if you use Chrome, you can create multiple user profiles in Chrome on your machine which each stay logged into a separate account. That way you only need to open up a window with the relevant user profile in order to post to a given account.

May be possible with other browser as well, but I'm only familiar with Chrome far as profiles are concerned.