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EASY job: put the tattoos on my demon hunter, $5. NEED TODAY.


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So I have an unusual request. I was working on a character reference down to the wire, literally until the moment I needed to leave for the airport for a convention (SDCC!), and I got everything finished for my boy but one very important thing; his glowing demonic tattoos.

I need someone to put them on him with complete accuracy, and also to be able to do so on top of a finished PNG file, as I didn't think to upload the raw file with layers. Also I'll be going to con tonight (6-8 hours from time of OP) and need to have the reference with me. I have screenshots of his tats from various angles, but I'd much prefer to have the tattoos on the ref I've drawn.

This should be a quick job so I'm hoping to get it done for $5. I WOULDNT NORMALLY DO THIS, but please include a tiny sample of how you would add the tattoo on top of the drawing. Like just a 100x100 sample of my drawing with your edit on top, unless your samples include tattoos or markings like he has. Normally I'd /never/ ask for a single drop of work without guaranteed pay, but because I need the the work on top of my existing drawing with no layers for immediate use, I desperately want to have it look perf, I don't want to waste your time or mine, and the tattoos are extremely important to his character.

His file is attached. Please use the same green as the other green glowing bits and try to keep it to the same simple style.

Big thank to anyone willing to give this a go, since--again-- I fully realize it's not cool to ask for a sample, but am a little desperate. Again, just a tiny preview will be fine. Please do not do all of the work, as I am hoping to hire only one person for the full job and don't want to take advantage of you.

Image ref for you to draw on is attached, and tattoo references can be seen here;

ALBUM: imgur.com/a/T0aBg
TATTOOS: (without his hair in the way but wrong color)


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It's a lil late but if you still need it I'll only charge $7 (that way you'll cover paypal fees)