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Maniacally Smiling Canine
Good evening ladies and gents, I'm GrimnCoyote. I am a moderator in the roleplay group known as Easy-Times and currently we are sniffing out new members. Now you may be asking yourself "what is Easy-Times", well my friend the answer is simple. Easy-Times or ET for short is a discord server revolving around a handful of RPs.

The first RP we have dubbed the "Main" is a long running mafia tale set in the 1920s. In it the spotlight is shined down upon a group known as the White-Paw. With enemies on from all angles such as terrifying cartels, vengeful yakuza, and corrupted agencies the rag tag group struggles to remain on top. As of this time this particular story has endured a whopping one and a half years and is still going strong.

Next is the college RP know to us as "ETU". The central focus of this story revolves around love (of the SFW variety) and the crazy antics of the Easy-Times University fraternity and sorority houses. If your a fan of the lighter tone and more comedic moments you'll love this RP.

And finally we have not one but two RP concepts. The former is and X-files esk thriller about hunting and or terminating magical beings. And the latter is about a magical academy in the vein of Harry Potter. Now both these ideas are only in their infancy and have yet to be matured, but if interest is high they may become a reality.

DM me your resume if you are willing to take the chance and join our crew. We only take serious and regularly active members as to keep our little stories afloat.