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Eating habbits?


Bike riding squirrel thing.
I am not sure if this question has ever been asked, anyway, I was just wondering if anyone eats any food, that may be associated with their fursona species?. For example, if your fursona species is an otter. wdo you eat fish or sea food?.

For me, it is nuts, or to be more precise, any food containing nuts, such as pecan danish, snickers candy bar etc. This ties in with squirrels as nuts are their primary diet. although they do eat berries (which i also like to eat) and insects.

Erm....I am not sure about insects. If they were cooked I would consider eating insects. Another question i have; If you do have eating habbits similar to your fursona species, Did this occure after you created it, or is it something you only noticed after creating your fursona?

I only took more notice of my similarities after i created my fursona.

EDIT: Going to add this: Maybe you don't have ordinary eating patterns?, which in a way could relate to an animal.
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The Curious Dragon
Hmm.... not really. I eat meat, but not any more or less than any other person...
Maybe I could get around that though, since no one can say definitively that dragons eat just meat ^.=.^
But that's kind of cheating }:=8P


Death's Apprentice
I'm not sure if this counts, but I like my meat a little rarer than the rest of my family. To answer the second part it's always been like this even before I discovered furries.


The Curious Dragon
Cat food?

Ha! ^.=.^
I like that hehehehe
I didn't think of that one at all! Maybe because it doesn't apply to me, I suppose, but still..!
You win ^.=.^


Potos flavus
My fursona is a kinkajou. Technically, they are carnivores, but they eat a lot of fruit. I'm trying to eat more like my fursona, not exactly like her, but more fruits for snacks, instead of things like cookies.
I just made a mango/banana smoothie with yogurt. It was delicious. :D


i eat EVERYTHING, the little fox scavenger in me loves food, especially chicken...mmmmm

the part dragon of me wants to eat maidens in small villages, but you just can't find them nowadays *pout*


Hummm... I don't ever eat any kind of red meat... (Maybe on a very rare occassion) I do however eat a ton of fish and chicken... humm I never really thought about it but yeah that does seem to be a pretty ocelot equivalent diet... (Rodents, Small birds, fish, the occasional monkey...) lol


is the prettiest pony~

I have never seen any type of bird take down a cow, and I doubt its gonna happen soon.
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Time Waster Extraordinaire
Nah, I'm not a big fan of grass.
(And I don't do the drug either...yeah, I knew you were all planning that joke :cool:).