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Eating in a Fursuit!?


Hai Thar.
Geeze you guys... first im bombarded with weird pictures and then someone screaming about how its totally stupid not to take a head off outside the headless lounge.

But thanks for the input.. i just usually see fursuiters tipping a coke into the fursuit head and just.. I know the bottle doesnt reach that far down there... ive never worn a fursuit so im not sure "where" youre mouth is via the heads mouth, but hey.. *shrug*


from the videos on youtube, how about Long Pixie sticks for a good sugar rush?

no no... you've got it wrong. you're supposed to sniff that stuff up properly.


Taking it easy :P
Will they allow me to eat them?

You could try but, for some reason a few of the dragons get really pissed when furs try to eat the rodents.:neutral:


Fabulous Secret Powers
I want to see a panda fursuiter do that now.
I know what I'd be using to eat with then.