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James gryphon

New Member
I thought it would be a good idea to make it so you could change what kind of content you get from each of the people you follow. Since some people use mature to post things that are suggestive, and some use mature to post... Private parts that could be in Adult instead.
For example,user A posts something suggestive which Follower1 is okay with, Follower1 likes user A's General and Mature art
Then Follower1 is following user B. Follower1 likes user B's general art, but User B posts more adult art in the Mature tag instead of the adult tag. Follower1 wishes not to see that. Follower1 has to avert his eyes when he sees such art. Instead,he could set it to not see User B's MATURE art, but still see his GENERAL art.


Active Member
This would involve a lot of heavy lifting in the codebase.
I guess tag blacklists would be better? (just saying)