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Egg Adopts - First batch special/Options for Discounts


Please read everything! =D

Here are my first batch of egg adopts. As these are the first, there are some special stuff you can get!

Each egg is $10.00
Alternate option - $20.00 gets you main design + a clothed chibi

They will be designed like this one - www.furaffinity.net: Adopt SFW example (she is open for purchase) by Nacht.Wolf
Chibi example - www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable Auction - Kiwi [Open] by Nacht.Wolf

I really love making adopt designs, so this first batch has a way to get a discount. If you make a journal doing a little plug for these, I will knock off $3.00 =O

To claim, please fill out the form below

Theme (keep to a few key words):
Journal link for discount:
Chibi: yes or no

1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10

1. Ornate Spring - Open
2. Bio-hazard Slime - Open
3. Autumn Smoke - Open
4. Deep Sea Moss - Open
5. Rainbow Stripe - Open
6. Purple Bubbles - Open
7. Cool Magma - Open
8. Stained Glass Fluidity - Open
9. Mauve Pumpkin - Open
10. Pale Chimera - Open

General info:

Please no CS or existing characters ie. pokemon, disney, ect
Hybrids are welcome as are humans
You can change anything about the design as long as it's recognizable.
Please do not claim if you don't intend to pay
Payment expected within 24 hours unless otherwise okay'd

These are not already designed as I want you to be able to pick the species, gender, ect
They will be more intricate designs than the example.
Egg is to give you the idea of the pattern and color pallet.