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Egg's Artlab: Character Illustrations, Chibis, Wardrobe & more~


The Talking Egg Yolk

Hellooooo world! It's me Egg. I'm a freelance (read: starving) artist who has only recently stepped into the world of furry art. But you're not here to read my rambles, aye? Onwards to what I can offer you and at what prices!



Normal Style (◕ᴥ◕)
No backgrounds, no character limit!

  • Black & White
    Simple black and white.
    Bust - USD 10
    Half Body - USD 15
    Full Body - USD 20
  • Grayscale
    Simple shading without color, except the eyes.
    Bust - USD 10
    Half Body - USD 15
    Full Body - USD 20
  • Lineart
    Clean or sketchy.
    Bust - USD 8
    Half Body - USD 12
    Full Body - USD 16
  • Flat Color
    Solid colors except for the eyes.
    Bust - USD 12
    Half Body - USD 18
    Full Body - USD 24
  • Fully Shaded
    Fully colored artwork.
    Bust - USD 18
    Half Body - USD 25
    Full Body - USD 30\
  • Character Illustration
    Bust/Half/Fullbody same pricing. Includes background, detailed lighting, etc.
    Starting Price - USD 50
    Additional characters - USD 30
Chibi Style

Simple solid color background (with optional sparkles!)

    • Bust- - USD 12
      Full Body - USD 20
Note that all prices stated are starting prices, which means the total amount might be raised depending on complexity of the commission and other deciding factors.

Other services
I'm surrently working on a outfit/wardrobe + character design commission and will make that available once I'm finished with that.

If you have any specific services you'd like to ask for (Blinking gif, comics?) etc, don't be shy, just ask!

What can Egg do?
✔ NSFW/Nudity/Seeeexy Ladies
✔ Detailed Clothing
✔ Gore (Moderately.)
✔ Armor!

Extremely muscular characters
✘ Extreme fetish porn (... We can talk about the milder examples.)
✘ Artwork hinting/describing sensitive issues, ie. religion and politics.
✘ Mecha (sorry!)

If you're not sure about any of these, feel free to inquire more.

Terms of Service

♛ All artwork is for personal use only. You are allowed to share, but my watermarked cannot be removed.
♛ Do not edit my artwork in any way unless allowed. You can ask for edits if you want something specific.
♛ I have the right to refuse clients and certain requests that I'm not comfortable with.

What will clients get?
♚ a full resolution unwatermarked version of the drawing.
♚ constant updates
♚ the eternal gratittude of a certain sentient egg

How does this work?
To commission me, simply send me either a private message, or comment down below with the required details. If you have a specific pose in mind, I welcome pose references!

Your name: (Will be included in the watermarked artwork and your personal sta.sh folder)
Order Type:

Character References: (I only take drawn references with some written details, unless specified otherwise)
Characters details: (Anything I should take care of, ie scars, birthmarks, leg type, species etc.)
Character personality: (Short and sweet, enough to let me know how to draw your child)

Notes: (Anything else you want me to know?)

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The Talking Egg Yolk
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The Talking Egg Yolk
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The Talking Egg Yolk
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