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Eilia's Art Thread!


I saw people make sketchbook threads like these and figured I could make one for myself too! :>
I'll try to update this thread with both finished pieces as well as some WIPs and doodles that may never get on my FA gallery. xD

As a quick intro, I'm Eilia and I'm a video game artist trying to go solo as a freelancer! In game development, my specialty was environment/concept art and I hope to do comics one day.
My favourite subjects to draw are kemonomimis, demonic creatures, elves and medieval fantasy settings!
Though lately I've been dipping my hand deeper into the feral/anthro jar too.

Here's my fur affinity gallery too.

Now that that is out of the way, let's have a couple of drawings to start this off! I have most of my recent personal art on FA already but hmm...

Well, here's one character painting I did a while ago. I will prolly throw it on FA eventually but I don't want to spam there too much since I've been making so much new stuff lately!


And then a WIP! This is the beast form of one of my werebeast characters. His name is Lament and I'm still figuring out how exactly to colour him so he's not just a black blob with yellow highlights. xD


And okay, maybe I'll also throw this one I drew yesterday here too! This one is Argon the Arcanine. :> I drew this as a commissions example as I usually focus on my original-original characters but I quite like how he looks with his PILES OF FLUFF!