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(Other) Selling: Elemental Magic themed Painting

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New Member
This is a mixed media painting. Watercolor design with Black acrylic background. Added effects: Metalic watercolors, and glitter paint. (It does NOT shed the glitter. You're welcome)

It showcases a type of yin and yang self portrait of the artist holding elemental symbols around the hands, and a hovering spirit symbol above/between their heads.

This painting can be hung in different directions at the whim of the purchaser. In fact, this is a fun quality of what makes this painting uniquely interesting.

Artist resides in Wisconsin USA. All shipping must be paid for by the purchaser. Anyone interested in purchasing this painting will need to allow time for shipping pricing information to be gathered to provide an accurate and fair price for the purchaser of this painting. Other methods of delivery could also be to pick it up yourself if you would rather drive, or pick it up personally. I suppose it depends on the person, distance, budget, etc.

Cost for this Painting without factoring in shipping costs is: $200