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I'm opening up some tentative commissions to hopefully help me get my bills under control while I'm still working and studying part time. Below is a couple links where you can view more of my work to see if it's in a style you would like, plus a basic price list. Prices may be slightly flexible depending on the specifics of the request or the complexity of the character(s) you want drawn.​

- FA Account - Art Tumblr -

I can only take payment through Paypal right now, and I require at least half of the payment up front before I'll start working (or all of it for icons/simple characters). I'm keeping things SFW for now. Other than that, I don't have a lot of restrictions. I'm equally comfortable drawing humans/furs/gjinkas/etc. You can either contact me on here or shoot me an email at elijah.wenn.art@gmail.com for commission inquiries. I can handle up to 3 commissions at a time, but if things fill up I'll put you on a queue and contact you to get more details once a slot opens up.

Thanks ahead of time, and let me know if you have any questions!​




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