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Eliyo - Kickstarter February 5th! Adventure Awaits!


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Eliyo is a virtual pet site currently in open beta with a kickstarter set to launch next week!

Check out the Kickstarter Preview

In Eliyo you play as an adventurer capturing and training elons. Elons are intelligent animals that are driven to fight. They are unique with different colors, markings, and parts for each one. As well they have personality which affects how they respond to you and the world around them. Along with different textual responses, there are 7 adult poses for each elon.

In Eliyo elons are driven to fight in competitive matches to gain strength and prove themselves. Are system is reminiscent of Pokemon though it is not a fan game and has it's own style as well.

You can breed your elons to get offspring with their own unique identity. Offspring generally take over their parents, but can also get traits or coloring from their grandparents as well.

We have a lot planned in the upcoming months, but get started now and reserve your username!

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