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'Ello everyone.


New Member
I'm Sanjana. :) Don't really have a whole lot to say. I'm not the most social person, but I try my best to be friendly. I've had my FurAffinity account for years now, but I only recently started to try and get more active. I just today decided to check out the forums for the first time.

So... yeah. I'll try to be active on here, but mostly I'll probably just be lurking. XD


Dumpster Dweller
Hello and welcome! I'm new here myself and I've been lurking too. xD
But yes welcome! :3


Schrodinger's Drunk
Nothing wrong with lurking a bit, especially around here.
And it never hurts to check that rules page either.

All that out of the way, Welcome to the Forums! Have a good time. ^^


hello there and welcome to the forums! careful when lurking 'cause you may loose your sanity out there.

have a nice time :)


The Arcane Sage
Remember they are looking at you , all of them, so many eyes!
Welcome to the forums! Have fun....