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[SOLVED] Email address not recognised


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I'm having the same issue. I either never changed my email to my current one or the database fucked up.


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The site is not recognizing my email address yet on the forums, it recognizes it. I never changed it. Please fix it.


I'm fairly sure that I have my account registered to my current email but I made my account so long ago I'm biting my nails that it may have gone to my two accounts that were destroyed by trying to reset passwords I forgot and sending them to eachother thus cancelling out emails I can never access again D: If there had been some forwarning I could have made sure that my account was correctly corrisponding to the email that I use... What the hell ;____;;sdfkljaks;jdf omg please help me I need to know this isn't the case at all and maybe have it changed over through admin if it is.. because I really really don't want to lose my account over this

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And you will get it back! Just have some patience until it's fixed.

Alternatively, if you're so desperate for a porn fix make use of the other networks for the meantime.


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I'm also having the same problem and I'm worried that I'm gonna have to start all over which would seriously suck. I'd just would like to get back on and I don't know what to do.

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I was referring to all the smut on your page but that too.


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Well my pasword did worked all the time but when that password resset thing happened it keeps saying "...did not match the email registered with the account."

Even though i am sure that i used the right one :(