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11/7 UPDATE:
Thackery passed away this morning. We had left to go see him again around 7am, but by the time we got there, it was too late. He took a deep breath, and went.

Thackery was a very sweet boy, unlike any other cat we've ever met. We loved him so much, just as he loved us. He will be dearly missed.

Please continue to share and donate so that we can pay off his medical bills. The goal has been brought down from 12k to 9k to reflect the final price.

Thank you all so much.


Sweet Thackery Daiquiri is a 3 year old, turkish van mix. He is a young, ginger boy, with the softest fur you'll ever feel. He was blinded as a kitten, and though he has trouble getting around, he likes to cling, cuddle, and love with all of his kitty heart.

Yesterday afternoon, he was discovered skulking around the house, crying loudly, and tensing so much when touched, he accidentally scratched the people he loves so much. We took him immediately to the vet. We were told he had blockage in his urethra, which was common in a male cat his age, and that, though a pretty penny, would be a quick, simple procedure of emptying his distended bladder.

48 hours later, he has now gone to an emergency clinic where they will possibly have to perform a second surgery. Thackery was found with a tear high up in his urethra, making it impossible to empty his bladder with a catheter. He is now recovering from his first surgery as we try to wait for this tear to heal. He is still full of urine, and very much in pain.

You can read more about him (and donate if you can!) at his GoFundMe page.

To try and help spread the word and get some more donations, I'm offering a HUGE discount on my chibi style. Proof of donation is enough, but I also take payments via paypal, venmo, google pay, and ko-fi.

Paypal Donation Pool: paypal.me: Support for Thackery

Ko-fi: Buy MoonNue a Coffee. ko-fi.com/moonnue

It would also be super helpful if you could pass this around, or any of these posts on their respective social media:


Here are some samples of my chibi style:




Thank you!
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