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(Commission) Selling: Emergency Chibi Commissions ($10-50)


I have chibi commissions open currently, and kind of in need for extra cash.

One Fullbody: $10.00
Two Fullbody’s: $20.00
A set of 3-5: $30-50.00

If you’re interested in my regular comms., check out my other thread for more info:
Semi-Realism illustrated commissions

Here are some latest examples:






My Do’s and Don’ts are all on my sheet, HOWEVER! To clarify, if you’re wanting something “Furry” related,
I will allow the following below:
- Your character is only FERAL (Horses, Wolves, Tigers, etc.), with natural colored markings
and fur color and have any accessories (which are fine)

- Your character is ANTHRO, but is meant for a DnD campaign (Lizardfolk, Aarakocra, etc.), Primates and Reptiles/Dinos are okay for me (feral or not), or a Anime/Cartoony like character
(Example 1, Example 2 , Example 3 , aggretsuko or the cat from Fairy Tale are other examples.)

- Your character is FANMADE, are Okay by me (That means Animal crossing, Pokemon, Sonic, etc.)

➜ Please be sure to have a FULLY Clear & Colored FULLBODY Image of your Character of choice.
I do not go by Descriptions, you MUST have a Pre-drawn image of the Character (I Can't rely on Traditional images, unless you can make it Clear enough.)

➜ My Estimated Delivery is Usually 1-3 Days Tops.
[I will be sure to inform of anything if I were to fail to send the piece under those days.]

Payments must be upfront before I work on ANYTHING, if you're more comfortable to trust me,
you may offer to do a split payment for a sketch progress. However, when I finish, I must have the remaining payment before I send ANY Files [Unwatermarked].

➜ All Discussions about ANYTHING must be over PM's [Payments, Further information of Commission].

➜ When ordering ANYTHING that's 18+ You must have confirmation that you're over the age of 18. I Do Not Condone anything with Minors being involved in the Adult Category.

➜ When posting my Artwork anywhere, please credit Me under @/Unposture.mov (if outside of Toyhouse) or @Mov (for Toyhouse)

➜ If you have any Further Information of anything of my Commission's, Please be sure to Contact me if you Can!

➜ Please respect with what I'm Comfortable with, anything that's go against my Rules, or treats Me any different, I will have to Decline any Commission requests For my own protection and will be Blocked/Blacklisted from any Contact with me.

Contact me through here, Discord (Mov.exe#3274), or my Email (daaiyahsims[at]gmail.com)
for a commission, thank you! <3