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(Commission) Selling: Emergency commissions! $5+


I have been casually offering commissions here and there for a while. But now, it has become more urgent!
My massage school is now on lock down and I am forced to invest in equipment in order to continue my education. I'm talking table, sheet set and approved lotions. Sadly, my job hours have also dropped to nothing some weeks, and I am an hourly retail associate. That was a problem before the virus ;v;

My goal is to reach $250 for this purpose.
but every teensy bit helps~

I have a Carrd that I update with additional services, or may have the most up to date prices: hallowseo.carrd.co: HallowSeo

But to save you some clicks:


$5 base icons A


$5 base icons B


$8 chibis
3 for $20


$5 base chibis. The pose is unchanging, but you can tell me what the character holds in their hands!
If you want this style of chibi but not on a base (so posing can be more of an option), it will be $8.


My standard style, prices are on the spread but feel free to ask me about it!
I can also do lineart options for a smaller price.

Message me here, through my Twitter @HallowSeoDraws, or on Discord @ Seo#2388 (tell me who you are before adding me, otherwise I might reject thinking its spam)

I also have a ToS on my carrd linked above if there's an issue you're concerned about, it might be answered on there, or just ask me.