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Emergency Commissions! Feral/Anthro


About My Emergency
(journal with information)
As most of my Watchers(darkwiitch on FA and queencoyote91 on DA) have heard I was in a car accident last Friday! We lost our car and are still waiting on the other persons insurance company to cover the cost of a rental until our car is fixed, if it is fixable! We are blowing through our savings to pay for this rental and are unsure if we need to save up for a new car now. This whole process has been a nightmare and it has been beyond stressful! Plus, my hubby took a few days off after the accident so his paycheck is going to suck and I am afraid that Christmas is going to be put on the back burner, my littles don't deserve that!

I will be eternally grateful for any and all commissions I receive and I will work my hardest to give them a fast turn around. I am willing to do pay what you want commissions as long as they are not degrading/low ball offers! I am a good artist and I know my worth. The quickest turnarounds would be to buy a preexisting ychs I have available, sketches, colored sketches, badges, pixels, icons, chibis and customs designs.

However, I will work my hardest to complete any commission type!

Current Commission Prices
Headshot/Bust- $7 +$3 color
Full Body- $15 +$5 color
*additional character $5-8

+Flat Color+
Headshot/Bust- $15 +$3 shading
Half Body- $20 +$5 shading
Full Body- $30 +$10 shading
*additional character $10- 20

+Reference Sheets+
$40 - Simple- 1 fullbody, mirrored. color chart, stats and likes&dislikes
$75 - Option2- All from Simple plus 2 expression headshots, inside mouth view
$100 - Option 3- All from Simple and Option 2 plus, an extra fullbody pose and 1 more expression headshot
$120 - Option 4- All from Simple, O2, O3 plus, accessories and chibis showing outfits.

full color, shaded
color, shaded, name, background
add +$10-20 to flat color price
on my base or one I have purchase
original character (fc, fb)

Art Examples & Emergency Adopts


original post $10-$15

original post $10-15