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Emergency Commissions! (Paypal)


I'm a writer for hire looking to take on writing commissions. Do you have an idea for a story that you have been wanting to write for a long while, but just never can find the time nor find the patience to write it for yourself? Could it be some fanfiction from a favorite media source or perhaps original content? No matter! I can write it for you! Share me your ideas and I'll collaborate with you and create an awesome content just for you! I'm currently struggling to make ends meet financially. So any client that decides to work with me is greatly appreciated. I am open to a few slots right now and am willing to write just about anything! Commission prices start at $10 perk 1k word!

Things I refuse to Write:

Under Age Characters

Feel free to contact me via DM's for further discussion on your project!

Previous works (NOTE) Some content may contain NSFW material!

FA - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/djredwolf/
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