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(Commission) Selling: Emergency Commissions. Please read..


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It has sadly become that time.. My aussie is in need of surgery. She was playing with a bigger dog that we have and apparently things got a little too rough, and she has torn the ACL in her leg. She's completely unable to use her back left leg, and I currently do not have the money to pay for surgery. I normally wouldn't be doing this, but she's my service dog, so I really need her to be in good health to keep up her services (I have seizures). With this being said.. I've decided to open some pretty cheap emergency commissions..

EVERYTHING will be $10, and this does include shading. Extremely complex references will be an extra $2.

I am only accepting paypal. You can send money to Pay Brittany willis using PayPal.Me however it is my sister's account so please notify me.

I'm best at FERALS, but I can do anthro. However, it will take longer.
Any species is fine with me. Added characters/plushies are an extra $1
Donations ARE welcome, however, let me know you've donated so I can give you free art in the future.


Thank you guys so much in advance. Jo and I both appreciate you all greatly!

Picture of my girl for attention!
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