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Hey! Tuition is expensive and I need food! The food in the cafeteria is included in tuition, but it doesn't sit well with my stomach :( I'm sorry but I'm going to promo this everywhere.
Examples at the very bottom of this post!

Pay via paypal only, I will send you an invoice. No added fees! Payment is upfront before work begins.

Will provide sketch before rendering. You are allowed two revisions during the sketch phase. So it will go like this:
1. Send sketch
2. Tell me if you want anything changed.
3. Send sketch
4. Tell me if you want anything changed
5. Final sketch, then final product is rendered and sent!
(Unless of course you don't want any changes to the inital sketch!)
If you would like more changes, ask. If you think of a detail I missed suddenly but didn't notice in the revision stage, its an extra $4. Complicated accessories will have an extra charge of $4. Simple things like jewlery and tattoos are usually free, this is more in consideration of headdresses, gas masks, complicated tatoos, etc.
I will post a heavily watermarked version on my FA, dA, and maybe tumblr. I will then email you a high-res un-watermarked version to the email the invoice was sent to unless specified otherwise.

1. Send sketch
2. Tell me if anything is wrong
3. Send sketch
4. Tell me if anything is wrong
5. Send final sketch
Extra sketch versions are the same as before, $4. Complicated accessories have a lighter charge of only $3 since I don't have to render them.
I will not post sketches online most of the time, unless I really like them. Then they would be heavily watermarked. Then I would send you a unwatermarked full res version to the email the invoice was sent to unless specified otherwise. (Same as before)

Will Draw:
Any animal, humans
Made up species (a good reference is REQUIRED)
Gore, blood, bruises, etc.
Will NOT Draw:
Mecha characters

A drawn reference. If it is really low quality or a written description, an extra $5 will be charged if it is rendered, $4 for sketches.
A paypal email to send the invoice to!
Agree to the following:

You can post it anywhere, as long as my name is still on it or you link to me in the description. The art CANNOT be used in commercial products. If you would like a design for commercial use such as shirts, send me a message and we will can chat about the price :)

There will be unlimited slots, done first come first serve. There will be a public waiting list so you can see how close your will be to getting done :)

I made a google forms so I can more easily track people and refs!!
goo.gl: Commissions

Examples: Artwork Gallery for BunnyMouseFox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

DeviantArt: JennArt227
Fur Affinity: BunnyMouseFox
Tumblr: Furrkyou