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Emergency Commissions!

Would you be interested in adoptable characters?

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train hopping paint cryptid

Explanation under everything, so if you don't care, the details of the work are here:


They will be digital flat color with traditionally done line work.
Any species welcome, but keep it PG-13. (Don't mind suggestive, just no nudity)
See my gallery for examples of my work.
(I will rapidly be adding more examples. )​
  • Icon/Headshot Commissions will be $10 each!
  • Full body character, no background is $15
  • Reference sheets (Front, Back, Side view, with Details of 1-2 limbs/markings as needed) are $25
For any other inquiries, please message me and I'll be happy to work with you!

Payment taken through PayPal​

So wtf is wrong?

SO-I will try to make this as short as possible, but basically: I HAVE A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF DEBT!!! A few months ago, I got sick and ended up in the hospital for almost a month. WELL, now ALL THE BILLS are coming in and while I did put them all on payment plans, it's a lot of extra money a month that I do not have. (Not to mention all the prescriptions because I'm still recovering.). To make matters worse, I have to move out of where I'm living soon and start paying higher rent. I'd LIKE to get at least SORTA on my feet BEFORE that happens. The cherry on top is that my student loans are gonna kick in.. about T minus ONE MONTH. I know you can defer them, and I'm going to look into that, but I also need to not ruin my credit, so on so forth... I'd just really rather not have to. If I can make enough money to pay off one or two of these medical bills, it'll be that much more that can go into rent/student loan payment.

Just so you know, I do work (three jobs, actually) but it just isn't enough to cover everything without making the tiniest possible payments imaginable... stretching the debt out considerably. And I am not even sure how I'm going to be able to make the student loan payments yet. I am not the type to ask for money without doing something... so I am hoping the price of the commissions is interesting to you! I know my digital skills aren't super fire, hence why I will do the line work traditionally, but I need the money and I'm super willing to do traditional work as well, but I'm afraid I'd have to charge more because it costs me to use the materials! If you're into that idea, please message me! I work with gouache and ink, as well as Copic Marker if you'd like that, too. I basically do have any medium, and like I said-I need the money, just please keep in mind the price varies on how expensive the medium is to use! So, if you have an idea, please shoot me a message. I pretty much can use almost anything. No chalk pastels though, sorry.

...I really hate to sound desperate, but I'm also, well, kinda desperate financially, and it's kind of only getting worse. It's really kinda hit emergency status a while ago, I've just been too embarrassed to admit it.

SO needless to say life has me up a financial creek with a tiny, tiny wooden spoon.
Now's your time to cash in for some cheap art! And as you all probably know, medical bills are NOT cheap so commissions are OPEN until further notice.