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Short Story short, a woman who became a warm home and a stable influence to me in my teenage years, currently has no way to her weekly medical appointments(Dialysis Treatments) because their car broke down.

I would be heartbroken if she passed away over something so simple getting in the way so I'm throwing myself down in the forum and asking for help.

If you want Art and have money, this is probably a good opportunity to help out.

I have a bunch of Examples and my Price guide here.
sta.sh: Art Examples

For a basic Rundown, I do Illustration & Character work, Pixel Art & Sprites and work with a lot of character types including Pokemon, Anthro, Human and Animals.

I can do NSFW Artwork but you'll need to check my Gallery here for examples: Artwork Gallery for Animela -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

We're going through Ko-fi and Paypal for this fundraiser.
Ko-Fi will have to take minimums because it's in $3 increments.
I normally take half now and half later but as this is a life or death situation I will be taking all the money first in this situation and working on stuff as I receive it.

I stream on Twitch@AnimelaKunti and will be working on SFW pieces Live today until the stream ends.



$45 Commission Finished for Joltz on Pokefarm.com