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Recently there's been some sudden events going on with family,
and I really need to start earning for myself and potential future events.

I'm doing Rather Cheap Headshot Sketches of your characters
(or maybe fanart of your favorite character).

Interested in getting a regular Commission? Check out my Thread Here!
I also have Chibi's open too, Check out my Toyhouse Thread for more.

Sketch Examples:



Min of $5.00 for a Headshot Sketch.
$25.00+ For a Fullbody Sketch.

(+$10 for Color)

Tips are much Appreciated <3.

My Do's and Don't's are all on my Commission Sheet, However I'm not taking NSFW or (especially) Fetish art.

Due to my current position, i'd appreciate your patience when ordering.
My connection isn't as good sense i'm out in the country and do what i can do, especially in my working space.
Thank you for your cooperation <3.


➜ Please be sure to have a FULLY Clear & Colored FULLBODY Image of your Character of choice.
I Can try with descriptions, as long as there are Sourced images to help support it (I Can't rely on Traditional images, unless you can make it Clear enough).

➜ My Estimated Delivery is Usually 1-3 Days Tops.
[I will be sure to inform of anything if I were to fail to send the piece under those days.]

Payments must be upfront before I work on ANYTHING. If you're more comfortable to trust me,
you may offer to do a split payment for a sketch progress. However, when I finish, I must have the remaining payment before I send ANY Files [Unwatermarked, Transparents, Uncolored versions, etc].

➜ All Discussions about ANYTHING must be over PM's [Payments, Further information of Commission].

➜ When posting my Artwork anywhere, please credit Me under @/Unposture.mov (if outside of Toyhouse) or @/Mov (for Toyhouse)

➜ If you have any Further Information of anything of my Commission's, Please be sure to Contact me if you Can!

➜ Please respect with what I'm Comfortable with, anything that's go against my Rules, or treats Me any different, I will have to Decline any Commission requests For my own protection and will be Blocked/Blacklisted from any Contact with me.

Contact me through Here, Discord [RECOMMENDED] (Mov.exe#3274), FA or my Email (daaiyahsims[at]gmail.com)
for a commission, thank you! <3​