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(Commission) Selling: Emergency PWYW Commissions ($5 min.)


[asthmacat loved that]
I believe this is actually my first post on here but I'm trying to reach out to multiple places! Below is a journal I've posted on my FA page:

"So I really hate to do this but my card was declined this morning and I have -$6 to my name and I’ve been waiting to hear back from job offers for weeks now. I will do whatever you need me to, these will be pay what you want because anything helps. I’ll have them done as soon as possible
Thanks for reading, comment below what you’d like and how much you’d want to pay. Take a look at my gallery for examples, there’s no limit to how many I’ll be taking because I just really need the money"

I thought I'd post here too to see if I can get any bites. Here's a link to my gallery for examples! Again, I will do anything for any price!