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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) Emergency Sale! $15 Traditional Drawings

Hey there, I'm offering $15 Traditional Sketch Commissions for a very limited time! Starting today and ending on 11/16
Here's a list of the type of drawings I'll do and some stipulations

  • I'll do SFW and NSFW​
  • I will add some color to simple designs, more complex ones will be black and white​
  • All drawings will be full body​
  • Only 1 character, it will be an additional $15 for every extra character​
  • I will do new character designs/redesigns but I will only draw up one draft with no revisions (I do offer character design options with my normal commissions)​
  • Because these commissions are on sale, I will not do revisions​
  • If you have a specific style in mind I'll try to emulate it as best as i can​
  • No backgrounds unless a very simple bg is requested (example: Plain color, gradient color, sky or star bg)​

Message me or reply to this thread if you're interested!