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Hi and thank you for checking my thread out! Due to a crisis with my family, I am reaching out for some aid and financial support, offering commissions.

What do I do?

I am an artist who can be very flexible. I draw, animate, write - and I also write and sing songs. This is perhaps what I can do a bit different from others, and if wanted, I can combine certain of my crafts. For example, if I write a song, I can animate or draw something to go along with it!

Songs? How does that work, and where to use them?

So far, I have been commissioned to make songs to RP projects, for DnD campaigns, or just personal projects where you would like something a bit extra. You can almost call me a sort of bard, singing everything from lullabies, ballads, tavern-songs, chantys... You name it! You just give me info about what the project or idea is about - the more the better - and after I get to know the world I'm writing for, I'll get to work! Often by improvising, and working further with the results.

Art and animation, what about that?

I am mostly offering sketches, but I will be open to make more complex drawings if anyone wishes me to. And I do not offer animations at the moment, but I am willing to open up slots, if there is interest in it. I'll leave you all some examples. I do mostly focus on the emotions in the animation, so facial expressions tend to be more of a speciality!

Anything else?

Yes! I do write fanfiction too, if anyone would be interested in that! SFW, NSFW... You just let me know, and we can figure something out!

27E764B3-D19F-44AA-AD2C-82C8E5231EAD (1).jpg
6E0E8E09-C19E-4E7B-BEFB-279CC1D918BE (1).jpg

Thank you so much for taking your time to check me out! Please, if you cannot commission or do not wish to, could you spread the word? Perhaps you have DnD friends, RP servers you know of... I would be eternally grateful!

You can also contact me on singingofwinter@gmail.com, and I accept payment through Ko-fi!



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I feel horrible for writing this. But I am so scared. I have tried looking for commissions everywhere, but… no luck, most of the time, because my name ain’t big enough.

But now the bank is threatening to take our home. I am desperate.

Please, please, PLEASE spread the word! I can draw, I can animate, I can CREATE SONGS, anything! Please… I beg you. ;n; I really am.

(I apologise if this is against any rules, I am writing in desperation)