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emotion critique


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
alright, so this picture isn't really the critique for the sake of its quality, as for the emotion it gives people.


This is supposed to be regret, and guilt. If it doesn't say 'regret and guilt' does anyone have any critique to how I could make the emotions better suited?


I iZ AwZuMm
The eyes arre the best way to express the emotion.Lines always help make a more dramatic expression. Like worry lines. Also dramatic shading helps too.Hope it helps.

Cherry Fury

New Member
I love the ears and the way you did the tear.

Maybe if you bowed the head more it would feel more like regret. Right now I would say it feels more like sorrow.

Baby Giraffe

C4 Bunneh!
I see more of a sad person. Like said: use eyes, they tell alot of emotion. If you want to show guilt or regret in that perspective I think maby if he was holding his forehead would sent out more of a regretful or "Oh god..." emotion.


Like Baby said, maybe you could have him slightly holding his head with his fingers, not his whole hand.

-3/4 view
-Eyes staring down
-No tears, no blush
-Brows slightly furrowed, slightly worried/pained look
-Ears down and towards his head more

I wish I had more in me but I'm really tired ;_;


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
thank you all for the wonderful advice ^__^ I'll take it to heart in future emotion pictures!