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Emperoar's Commissions -open!-


Ow The Edge

Terms of Service said:
Hi! I am more of a monster artist, but I can and will draw anthros/furries if asked. Please note that I am a SFW ARTIST, I do not draw pinups, porn, or anything smutty. PLEASE DO NOT email me about your NSFW art interests or anything that skirts the line between SFW and NSFW. I will turn it down.

If you have doubts that I am a clean artist and you think that maybe I do/would draw smut for you, look through my gallery and you will be proven thoroughly wrong.

What I WILL draw:

[*] SFW content
[*] Monsters
[*] Robots
[*] Furries/Anthro
[*] Humans (your mileage may vary, please look through my gallery for the very rare instances I draw them.)
[*] MILD blood/gore

What I will NOT draw:

[*] NSFW content
[*] Fetishes
[*] Overcomplicated characters
[*] Hate Art
[*] Full nudity


PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH EMAIL FOR A COMMISSION. I will not stress this enough, the note system of this site will eat your messages, and I may not get them. I will not do business through comments, if asked about a commission in the comments I will direct you to my email.

If you want to order a commission, please email me at Manticoress@hotmail.com


First and foremost I do not haggle, my prices are based on a 15.00 USD per hour wage. The prices of a given commission type are based on how long it takes to complete them.

I use paypal! I will not accept any other form of payment.

When working with a commission under 100.00 USD, I will ask you to pay upfront FIRST. If the commission is 100.00 USD or more, I will ask that you pay half first, and half when the commission is finished.

If a commissioner fails to send the payment I will notify them to check for address errors or other possible mishaps. If a commissioner fails to send their payment I will not work on a commission.

Once a commission is agreed upon, I will send an invoice to the commissioner's paypal in accordance to the payment method mentioned above. This helps me keep track of who has paid and who has not.

Due to Paypals rules and terms, if a commissioner decides to gift me the payment instead of using the Goods and Services method of payment in order to avoid the fee, I will refund the payment and ask that they send it again.


I will NOT tolerate badgering, price haggling, abusive language or disrespect. I have the right to turn down a commission as I see fit. I will block those who repeatedly harass me even if I turn down a commission multiple times.

When discussing the commission, I ask that the commissioner have an exact idea of what they want to have drawn, along with the proper refs needed. Specific text descriptions are acceptable as well. Those who come to me without the aforementioned requirements risk getting something of my own interpretation that is not %100 accurate to what the commissioner wants. I am an artist, not a mind reader. Please keep this in mind when asking for a commission.

I ask that commissioners do not frequently check up on whether or not a commission is finished. If there is an important deadline in mind for a commission, please include it when discussing the commission. I will be happy to meet it to the best of my abilities.

I also may be working on another commission before yours, as I will take multiple commissions at a time. Please keep this in mind if you are further down in the que. As well, sometimes real life gets in the way and can cause delays.


Refunds will be given if the commissioner feels that their artwork is not as they wanted. However, I will only give a full refund if they are unsatisfied during the sketch phase of a cellshade commission or higher commission tier. After that, the money refunded will be decreased accordingly, depending on how much I have put into the artwork.

Refunds are not offered for sketch commissions unless I am unable to complete the commission.


Commissioned images may be uploaded to my Furaffinity account, Deviantart, Weasyl, and/or Tumblr after being completed and sent to the commissioner, unless expressly asked otherwise by the commissioner for privacy.

I ask commissioners bring up whether they want their commission uploaded to any of the aforementioned sites during the discussion of the commission.
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A tiny soft
I saw your sketch rates and got scared for a second. But then I saw that you charge real rates for your calbre of work and was relieved.

I have no money myself, but I hope you get a bite soon. Your stuff is amazing.


4-tailed kitsune
Your art is really awesome! Good luck!