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Enable retina res. thumbnails and save traffic


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Dear FA fur-engeneers,

Few months I've discovered new (and truly quite interesting) idea about jpeg compression. Whole idea is described in the article (link bellow). It can make FA looks stunning on new retina enabled devices and yet it can save on traffic load. I've used this idea on my own furry website with integrated furry art gallery. My savings on traffic are about 30% and it looks great on my retina macbook. :D

I hope you'll find this interesting and I wish you the best.

Kind regards, Lweek



Someone actually reran the tests:

Truth be told, you don't get better compression on larger images. And why does Retina look better for scaled down images? PPI ratios. Most things assume 72ppi, actual display density is often around 120-150 ppi, Retina scales this up to 300 or more ppi and then reports something smaller, so a webpage may seem like 1000px wide, but in reality its 2000px, so images that are larger and scaled down look sharper because they are displayed at a higher resolution.

So, in short if this was applied to FA, thumbnail bandwidth consumption would go up by about 20% or more.