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Encounters Of The Animal Kind And Other Hobbies


Resident Stone Age Fox
I kind of felt like sharing this little encounter I had this morning. Decided to go out for breakfast and go for a walk down by the railway tracks near my house and spotted this guy:


Not the best pictures in the world, but still a nice way to start the morning.
So I wanted to ask if people have had nice little encounters like this, felt like it might be a nice thing to share.

Now, onto the other hobbies part, I'm a bit of an anorak, which is British slang for trainspotters back in the 80s, and I was wondering what other hobbies people might have. For anyone interested in the whole anorak thing, here:
Apologies in advance for the really bad zooming and stuff like that, filmed that at a time when I was experimenting with my camera.

This may seem an odd thing to start a thread about, but hey, I'm new to this forum and just felt like getting to know my fellow users.


Goodspeed, bootlegger, B-17 pilot extraordinaire
One of the greatest joys I've had in my life is getting to interact/play with these funny fellows.