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Yooo! I’m advertising my own black friday / holiday sale! From here up until Jan 1st you can get in on these yummy deals! So check 'em out! X3

- 25% off on main commissions, reference sheets, redesigns / customs and SU styled commissions! [Small Sales is not affected by this] [LINK]

- Adoptables on my toyhou.se are now on sale for 5%! These include Original and Fandom! [LINK]

- And if you don’t happen to have enough to buy anything, you can still support me by spreading around this post!

You can also grab my “Together for the Holidays” Bundle deals! Which also includes a 5$ off coupon for future commissions! Here are the varieties I’m offering;

Snowflake Bundle [$18]
- 2 painted chibi’s
- 1 floating island background​
Starry Bundle [$26]
- 2 fullcolored waist up
- 1 Simple space background​
Mistletoe Bundle [$42]
- 2 fullcolored fullbodies
- 1 minor illustrated background​

You can also check out my Redbubble merch store! There’s not a whole lot on it atm but it’s worth noting that I have one there, so at least when there are future sales on the site you can snatch em’ up! [LINK]

I also have a Ko-Fi in case you can’t really afford these prices! [LINK]

[Keep in mind that my prices are STILL discounted due to covid! I plan on reverting all prices back to full by Jan 1st because I’ve had them discounted since Jan of this year! So you might wanna get your hands on something before that happens!]
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