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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) EndoErean ✦ Commissions open! Digital and Merch


Hey guys!
My name is EndoErean, im a 27yo new artist opening commissions.


- Any species
- Any genre
- Illustrations
- SFW and NSFW

-Via paypal

1. I work with 50% of the payment upfront and the other half when im done. No refunds.
2. How I work: You contact me, we agree on moving foward and I send you the Terms of services wich you have to read and agree with . You fill the commission form and pay 50% of the total cost, and I Start working.
3. How long do you take? It depends if there's other commissions before you on queue, but since I start working on yours, its usually 3 Days TOP, maybe less. (I Update the progress on my commissions regulary)
4. I draw in high resolution. 5000x5000 pixels or more.
5. Additional character cost 70%.of the original cost.
5. I only do simple backgrounds as the ones you see on the examples. (I dont consider those clouds and forest to be complex)

How to order:
1- You read my Terms of Service
2- You contact me on Telegram, discord (EndoErean#6723), or Twitter, and we talk about the details.
3- I send you a short form, wich you need to complete
4- You fullfill the payment and I start working


By commissioning me, you also have the optional choice to get your commission made into the following products on accessible prices:

Stickers (only 3$ each!), a poster, paintings, Pillows!, cloth, pins, travel mugs, notebooks, Magnets, iPhone skins,
,Samsung G Skins, and more!
Examples on my shop, here

I can also do:
Telegram Stickers $5 each, icons 15$, sketches $10


Thanks a lot, have an amazing day!
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