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Energy Drink

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So, I have never tried an energy drink before and I am a little curious. Which brand (and flavor if the brand has different flavors) would you recommend and why? What does your choice taste like?

There is probably a bigger variety in the US than in Canada (where I live), but recommend away!
I drink Monster rather exclusively, and will only drink others if it's free, or all I happen to have (and which in case I steal from one of my mates or sister xD). Never the green, only the Lo-Carb/Blue one, Absolute Zero, and occasionally one of their Rehab one's (but those are a bit boring)


None of them, they are all terrible.

I guess unless you like flat lemonade or flat sprite or something.
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Energy drinks are gross. Just drink coffee like a normal person.
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demon, monster or mother. v when i'm desperate. never touch red bull ever. in nz they call 'em 'lifestyle drinks'. what kind of lifestyle is that? sitting on your ass all day, drinking energy drinks, eating junk food and spending all of your time on video games and the internet... oh wait. :(


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Rockstar's lemonade flavor was the only energy drink that I've had that didn't taste like shit.

Coffee is my drink of choice. Especially Vietnamese iced coffee, holy crap that stuff is good.


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i dont really like energy drinks. but i do enjoy a redbull if i had to pick one. everything else ive tried (especially monster) is too sweet, they taste like melted jollyranchers. redull citrusy and crisp...and red...and full of bulls


Coffee. Failing that, the purple or orange rockstar.
The orange relentless, the cranberry stuff and sugar free monster are my personal favourites.


Takin it slow.

If I need an energy hit badly, I use one of whichever brand's energy shots. V, Monster, whichever.
If you can get your hands on Krating Daeng or what many people call Thai red bull, it is by far the best energy drink i have ever had (and ive had heaps). Its the original version of Red Bull, the only major difference is that its non carbonated and tastes 100x better than the European version... The only problem is that it can be hard to find outside of Thailand, maybe look in Asian supermarkets or something similar...


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As a newbie, go for Red Bull. Once you can handle that, move onto Relentless and Monster.

Edrinks are amazing, powerful things :3 Got a test, meeting, hot date, drink one.

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Monster all the fucking way because it doesn't taste like liquid metal. I can also recommend a more obscure drink called V but I don't know if it exists where you live. It's taurine free.

I quite like energy drinks, which I shouldn't because it makes me feel like a consumerist whore. ;__;


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I love Monster. Try the "Absolute Zero" flavor. It tastes great unlike most zero-calorie drinks.
I prefer Powerthirst, personally. :V

On a serious note, Redbull is one of my favorites as far as taste goes. For effectiveness, 5 Hour Energy is pretty good, though it tastes rather chalky regardless of the flavor you get.


See ya latter ****ers.
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