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Energy Drink

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Especially their rootbeer flavor. It's fucking amazing.
Doesn't have all that much caffeine, though. It's kind of like a slightly more caffeinated soda? Which is also what it tastes like (fruity soda).

I also like Monster Zero, Monster Loca Mocha, Rockstar Punched.
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Is it wrong that I haven't heard of more than half of the drinks in this thread?
Red Bull isn't bad, a bit sour.
Rock Star is good, the blue or green ones anyway.
Venom is good too, only tried the purple one. Makes me shaky from how much stimulant is in it.
And if you're looking for borderline heart failure, there is one called Cocaine thats been banned in many parts of where I live for having too much caffeine lol.


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I have actually never had that. I tend to stick to normal dew, because it is awesome. None of the other flavors do as much for me (except supernova, that one was boss... do they still make it though? :/)
You must try it, it's amazing. I haven't seen supernova in forever, I think it got discontinued. I wish they'd make code red in throwback, I'd be on that shit like jpeg artifacts on a FA submission.


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I take 6; 5-hour energies, and pour them into a big glass.

Then I go for a jog.


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if you're looking for borderline heart failure, there is one called Cocaine thats been banned in many parts of where I live for having too much caffeine lol.
hehe Yeah, I have been watching some Wreckless Eating and Brad Tries episodes and both shows tried it. Apparently it is quite spicy. I am not so into spicy.

Anyway, I had to work late so I didn't get to the store. I think I am going tomorrow if the weather is ok. I don't wanna walk around outside if tomorrow is like it is right now. lol


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I like NOS a lot. It's tangy and citrusy and packs a super caffeine punch!
If you're a coffee fan, try any one of the Starbucks Doubleshot Tallboys. They're delish!
> Currently sitting at my computer after a rough night, drinking a Monster.

I drink monster because it's so incredibly available around her. The vending machines dispense them like candy and the stores sell them in 4 packs. There is a little car that drives around and gives out free Red Bulls, but then again, that's the only way I'm going to be knocking back a Red Bull. Before anyone asks, I go to an engineering school. XD

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I'm not really a fan of energy drinks, normally I would just go for a cup of tea but if I need some energy quickly something like Monster or Relentless is what I'd go for.

I prefer Powerthirst, personally. :V
Don't listen to him, I tried Powerthirst once and ended up with 400 babies.


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I don't have energy drinks much. Sometimes they don't even do it for me. Went to a 12 hour concert few hours drive away and chugged a Monster for the ride back. Still felt like I was gonna pass out on the drive home.


hi ilu :>
arizona apparently has it's own official energy drink now for some fucking reason, but it's just citrus flavoured instead of something interesting and relevant to the state like agave or prickly pear fruit. it is not even good for what it is ):

regular monster, rockstar, red bull, and most other "regular" flavoured energy drinks taste pretty much the same, so try whichever you happen to come across first. most of the flavoured versions of energy drinks are not very good, i typically just stick with the generic "energy drink flavour"
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