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Ryuu Girl

Less Friends, Less Bullshit.
(No this isn't a lewd joke.)


My online name is "Ryuu". I identify as Ryuu_Girl across just about every social media outlet!

I am an mixed medium artist. I use graphite, pen/ink, marker, and digital art. ! attend college at Full Sail University going in for the major in Game Art and further improve my drawing skills to be considered a professional. My interests include art, video games, certain cartoons, music, cooking,, traveling, Japan, and the internet. Currently, I've been doing commissions so my drawing techniques can develop. I absolutely love comic art! When it comes to my style I'd like to say that my inspiration come from Jim Lee and Patrick Brown. Comic art heavily relies on the complimentary colors of black and white to not only distinct light from shadows but also defy it's composition.The elements used in this allows depth, movement and most of all contrast to distinct comic art from other styles. Personally I feel it's an under appreciated style compared to manga in this modern world.

My current goals are to find new clients for my artistic service! My primary goal is to graduate and find a desirable paid internship. Constant goals are looking to improve and build on my skills. I'm currently teaching myself illustrator!

I am open for commission however I am limited on slots as I'm currently preoccupied with college however it doesn't stop me from delivering 5 star service if you don't belive me just read me reviews on my website and facebook page!