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Ok... this is going to be hard to put into words but I will try to order them from what I remember:

I first made five squares on a paper in a row and this is how they are filled in:

1st square: Norwegian, yellow, bunhill, water, cats.
2nd square:blue, horse,blend,tea,Dane
3rd square:milk, red, Britt, Pallmall, Birds
4th square: green, coffee,german,prince, FISH
5th square:white,beer,bluemaster,swede,dogs

let me try my best to explain what I did:

I first found out the Norwegian was in the first house (obvious)

then that the next house is blue

then I went to find the color of the first house. since the Britt was in the red house it was not red, and since the green house is to the left of the white house that only left the yellow house.

the owner of the yellow house smokes dunhill

the person who owns a horse lives next to the person who smokes dunhill

with the process of elimination, I found that since the Dane drinks tea, the owner of the green house drinks coffee, the owner in the middle drinks milk, and the person who smokes bluewater drinks beer, that the norwegian drinks water.

since the norwegian drinks water, the person next to him smokes blend

with much the same reasoning as earlier, since the norwegian drinks water, the bluewater smoker drinks beer, and the person in the middle drinks milk, the person next to the norwegian drinks tea

since the person in the second house drinks tea, he is the Dane

since the green house drinks coffee, and the white house is to the right of the green house. the middle house is red, the next house is green, and the next house is white

in the red house is the britt

the green house drinks coffee

since the middle house drinks milk, the blue house tea, the first house water, and the green house coffee, the white house drinks beer.

the white house then smokes bluewater

since we do not yet know the nationality of the green house, the middle house smokes pallmall

since there is only one cigar brand left, the green house smokes prince

the prince smoker is the german

the person who smokes pall mall is the bird keeper

since the there is only one house that we do not know the pet type yet that is next to the blue house, the cat owner is the first house.

since we do not know the nationality of the white house, the white house has dogs

the dog owner is the swede

since there is only one house that does not have a pet to it, the german is the fish owner
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Dang. If it wasn't for my timezone I could have worked this out earlier and looked clever :(. It took me around 10-15 minutes.


the German.
I made a square chart to figure this. working out who lived in each house what they drank, what they smoked, and what pet they had. until I found one missing something, which was the German, nothing says what pet he had. so census says the German has the fish, took me about 23 minuets.