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Episode 3 omg!!!!


Staff Sargent
Last night I decided to add Internet Explorer to STEAM under the name Half Life 2: Episode 3 and see how long it took people to notice. It turns about to be 2 minutes.

TheRunner: wtf
TheRunner: How are you in HL2: Episode 3?.....
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: Torrent
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: leaked
TheRunner: O RLY?
TheRunner: is it good?
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: Yeah I like the particles
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: framerate is a BITCH though
TheRunner: so its pretty
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: I think your gonna need an 8600 at least
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: yeah the snow is just breath taking
TheRunner: but because you have an early release torrent, Its not optimized yet
TheRunner: I have a 9800 GT BFG Oc'd
TheRunner: I can run Crysis warhead on very high at 1680*1050 i'll be ok
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: yeah your right
TheRunner: crazy dude
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: Its still some version of source
TheRunner: I wonder when thats comign out, sounds fun
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: No idea :-/
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: still some wireframes and place holders
TheRunner: lol
TheRunner: more physics integration?
TheRunner: Release date is still TBA
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: not particuarly
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: magnessuns are more prevelent
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: and they kill Gunships
TheRunner: hmm
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: It was on Pirate bay under ep. 3 girls 2 cups
TheRunner: hahahaa
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: so valve didn't find it
TheRunner: I dont think I want it yet :/
TheRunner: I dunon
TheRunner: i do
TheRunner: but I dont
TheRunner: dont want to ruin it ya know
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: yeah
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: wait till its done
TheRunner: predicaments!!!!
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: trust me dude I'll probably be regretting this
TheRunner: lol
TheRunner: ok
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: You do realize this is all fake right?
TheRunner: oh ok
Â¥|RN|Â¥Dusty: I'm using internet explorer

I lol'd

this conversation has been posted with express consent from both parties. Me and my Friend


Rants like a Gryphon
He wants to know what the point is.


Staff Sargent
The point is I punk'd a couple of my friends last night by making STEAM say I was playing Half Life 2: Episode 3. Most were skeptical but he was very gullible.


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Steam... Actually says "Non-Steam Game:" before any manually-added games...